Blockchain Summit Latam: Showing cases of use of Blockchain technology in the Colombian public sector

Mauricio Tovar presented how the Blockchain technology has worked for various sectors of the Public Administration.

On Wednesday, November 4, the third day of the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020 followed, focusing on this opportunity to talks in the area of „Government and Business“ in order to evaluate cases of use that could be carried out in the region, specifically Colombia.

Among these presentations, one was entitled „How to support the transformation of the public sector with Blockchain“, by the Colombian Mauricio Tovar, co-director of InTIColombia.

To begin with, Tovar demonstrated that there is a great problem of „trust“ within today’s society, pointing out that the Latin American region shows one of the highest levels of mistrust. He also stressed that the serious trust problems we can see in society are correlated with per capita income.

In view of this situation, Tovar suggests that the use of Blockchain technology can be useful for various public processes, pointing out that it could provide greater security and transparency within the records and actions undertaken by the state.

Specifically, and going into practical cases where they have worked with the Colombian government, Tovar focused on showing how Blockchain technology can be a useful tool for all public bidding processes, acting as an unalterable and public registry so that any citizen can review and detail state contracts. All of this, as detailed at the beginning, allows for the identification and avoidance of corruption within public procurement processes.

Likewise, the Colombian also showed how Blockchain technology is being useful to keep the whole issue of land ownership records, thus allowing public documents that ensure people’s ownership cannot be modified. Likewise, he detailed how the Blockchain can be used to keep a better record of who are the officials in charge of making modifications within the processes of land restitution that are being carried out in Colombia, an element with which they seek to reduce cases of corruption in the sector.

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